Friday, February 13, 2009

Great News- I've started a new Artfire account that I'm way excited about! So far I only have a few things for sale... but I'm hoping to get some more.

I also have finished one of my totes.... and I'm right now working on my daughters Tutu for her spring picts next week! So far So good! Hopefully I can get a bunch of sewing done tonight!

The Etsy Breastfeeding team also has an open chat Sunday night at 8:00 !!! Come chat with us!

This weekend I will be doing a featured seller piece- comment for your chance!!!


  1. Lol I'm tagging you! Check out my blog for information on tagging.

  2. Hello

    What do you think about artfire? I did Ebay for years, but was discouraged about the low bids. We have been on Etsy since January and have had 8 sales. I looked into Art Fire after reading your blog and wondered if we should sell on Etsy and Art Fire at the same time. Let me know what you think