Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Blog!

My first Blog on Blogspot! Very exciting isn't it?
A little about me-

I have a beautiful daughter, 9 months old, and an amazing hubby! We just got married Dec 20th so we are still newlyweds.... though we've been living together for three years... silly huh? My hubby and I are trying to raise our daughter in a very "open" lifestyle.... more accepting than what we were raised. Its rather hard to do with all the adive I get from Mother Of The Year, aka- my mother in law. She's perfect and wants you to be perfect just like her. Anyway, I breastfeed, co-sleep, use elimination communication and use cloth diapers. Soooo not the norm here in Southern Indiana, but I love it!

A little about my store-

I sell items mainly for moms: slings, diap wipe cases, breastfeeding bracelets. I'm starting a new spring line that I hope to get fully done by next month. Along with the above mentioned I hope to add totes, aprons and plants.... I know crazy mix huh?
I also have a few listings of some paintings.

So thanks for reading! I will be adding more soon!

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